Erik Stadnik from The Doctor Who Book Club, Doctor Who: The Writers' Room and The Classic Horror Cast along with Deb Stanish from the Verity! podcast join Mark to talk about arguably the greatest murder mystery writer of all time Agatha Christie.

Also discussed are Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story: Coven and The Walking Dead.

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Mark and Declan come up with their list of Doctor Who stories as an entry in to the world of the Classic Series.

They also discuss The Night Of The Doctor, The Light At The End and more!

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Mark is joined by Suky Khakh and Lina Burgard to talk about the HBO series Band Of Brothers.

Mark @MarkCockram

Suky @Cyberman_151

Lina @LCBurghard

You can find us at @NerdologyUK on Twitter, at and

You can also email us at

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Friend of the show Eric Escamilla dropped by to talk about his opinions of the big movie releases of the summer.


Mark @MarkCockram

Eric @Bullitt33


Mostly Harmless Cutaway:

Prognosis Negative: 

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Peter Webber and Bill Lynas return to talk about the 1960s cult classic TV series The Prisoner.

Also discussed in this episode are NOS4R2, Hannibal, Hot Fuzz and more!

Mark: @markcockram

Peter: @peterjwebber

You & Who Contact Has Been Made:

The interview mentioned in the show:

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Erika from Verity! and Steven from Radio Free Skaro and The Memory Cheats discuss the classic '80s kids movie, plus Doctor Who, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Tripods and more.

Mark: @markcockram

Erika: @HollyGoDarkly

Steven: @Legopolis

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Erik Stadnik from The Doctor Who Book Club podcast and Doctor Who: The Writer's Room is back to talk about F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and the new movie adaptation.

Mark @markcockram

Erik @sjcaustenite

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Mark and J.R. discuss film director Stanley Kubrick. Also up for discussion are Endeavour and Broadchurch.

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Mark is joined by Nat (previously of Bridging The Rift) and they discuss among other things: The Tomorrow People and Dark Season, plus Community and Elementary and more...

All the episodes of Bridging The Rift can be downloaded here:

Mark @MarkCockram

Nat @Quarridors


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Sean from the TARDIS Tavern and the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast drops by to have a chat about FX's American Horror Story.

Also mentioned are LOST, Game Of Thrones and Agatha Christie.


Mark: @markcockram

Sean: @tardistavern

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Mark is joined by Simon Brett and Lee Rawlings, the organisers of Phonicon, Exeter's newest Sci-Fi convention

Also providing humorous chat and music is Timo Peach AKA Momo:Tempo

Mark: @markcockram

Simon: @simonbrett

Lee: @montagfire

Timo: @momotempo

Momo:Tempo on iTunes:

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Mark is joined by Declan May to talk about the Doctor Who anniversary stories, plus Red Dwarf and Cabin Pressure.

Nerdology is sponsored by CSO The Cult Fanzine

Mark @markcockram

Dec @Declan_May


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Mark is joined by Josh Zimon from Mostly Harmless Cutaway and The Memory Cheats to discuss an enduring literary hero who's as popular today as when he first appeared in 1887.


Mark: @MarkCockram

Josh: @whomejz


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